December Pack Meeting - Pot Luck signup

Our fearless Tiger Den Leader, Mrs. Julie, has prepared a fabulous Pot Luck menu for our December Pack meeting this Friday at 7PM.  Please sign up by Wednesday evening for your favorite menu item. To signup for your food item, simply log-in & add a comment to this story, or email me at

Remember, the easiest items go first! (Click the 'view original' link to see the Pot Luck menu)

Appetizers Name
Fruit Salad 1 Bill Goode
Fruit Salad 2  
Vegetable Patter 1 Jon Allen
Vegetable Patter 2  
Cheese & Crackers 1 Courtney Dunn
Cheese & Crackers 2  
Pizza Bagels  
Mini Egg Rolls Albert Claggett
Main Dishes Name
Buffalo Wings Julie Painter
Meat Balls - Red Sauce Cheryle Franceschi
Meat Balls - Brown Sauce  
Chicken Nuggets & Dipping Sauce Chris Bulleri
Spaghetti w/ Spaghetti Sauce Todd & Jennifer Mateer
Side Dishes Name
Baked Beans Nick Geidel
Green Bean Casserole  
Macaroni & Cheese Joel Buck
60 Bread Rolls & Butter Lisa Apellaniz
Desert Name
Brownies 1 Bette Howard
Brownies 2  
Cup Cakes 1 Frank Gauthier
Cup Cakes 2 Albert Claggett
Cookies 1 Carrie Grosch
Cookies 2 Jennifer Downs
Drinks Name
Water Bette Howard
Soda Bob Saxon
Non-alcoholic Eggnog Albert Claggett
Paper Products Name
Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons Frank Gauthier
Napkins Chris Bulleri