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Is Xbox of PlayStation better for online gaming?

Xbox Vs PlayStation online gaming has been one of the biggest debates ever since their introduction. The introduction of these two giants changed the face of online gaming forever. Each brand brought something unique to the table that the other couldn’t. For instance, PlayStation brought a more realistic gaming experience, including a first person view. Xbox on the other hand, provided more user friendly controls and a more mature, gamer-oriented approach to games.

However, there are some differences between the two that make each one stand out in their own unique way. Let’s start with the hardware. While Xbox gaming consoles are mostly connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, PlayStation allows you to connect your console to the internet using any GPRS device. This can either mean wireless access or better yet mobile connectivity via Bluetooth or USB. Either way the connection is very powerful and is the reason why games run so smoothly on the Xbox platform.

Secondly, the Xbox version of a game is locked to using the same engine and features. Whereas, the PlayStation allows you to develop your own code for the games and modifiy it too. You can customize and tailor the features of the games, making them more interesting to play. The only downside is that you can’t really make it look like an Xbox game.

Thirdly, with Xbox Vs PlayStation online gaming, it’s not just about the graphics. The real competition comes from the user interface and the game play itself. There is a lot of difference between the games that you find on the PlayStation 3 versus those on Xbox 360.

Fourth, with PlayStation, you have to pay a monthly fee in order to be able to download the games online. Xbox gamers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about this because they have a free online gaming service called Xbox Live. It allows players to play any Xbox game online without having to pay a dime. This has really made things competitive.

When it comes down to it, Xbox vs PlayStation is really not that much of a contest. Both versions of these games allow you to play with other players online. However, when you are playing Xbox, you can custom-make your character and get the right gear. The graphics are comparable and the options are similar. The differences are mostly in the gaming experience itself.