When you are an escort, you can’t really have a normal dating life. Mainly because you date clients as part of your job. If you can juggle clients and also having a boyfriend/girlfriend you could try that. It is also exceptionally hard to find someone who would be okay with the fact that you are an escort and that you will be intimate and will be having sex with someone other than them. Even if they do agree to be okay with it initially, It would surely be killing them inside because they will have the feeling that they have to share you with so many other strangers. If they are in love with you, and someone else gets to kiss you and have sex with you, it would obviously defeat them emotionally.

One of the main reasons why escorts quit their line of work is because they would not have been able to find true love as an escort, and even if they have dated someone outside their job, it would not have ended well. This is what the majority of escorts face as told by many Birmingham escorts and even after they’ve quit escorting it would still be challenging for them to find a partner because the reality is that many people have some misconceptions about escorts. People think what they do is very filthy and demeaning, which is incredibly unfair to them. People don’t understand that they do what they do to make ends meet, pay bills and support those who are dependant on them. People need to start seeing them as human, because they are people too, with emotions and feelings.

Hypothetically even if they managed to get a date, it’s always awkward when the question of “what do you do for a living” appears. Even if the escort is passionate and proud of what she’s doing. After it’s been said, there are these moments of silence where the air is thick and always incredibly ill at ease. You never can guess what response you may get. Some men will actually pretend to be okay with it and act cool to get through the date, but there are scenarios where the poor girls would never hear from him again. In other cases, some guys may believe that “it’s cool to date a stripper or an escort.” So they would decide to date her for a couple of months and then break up with her after they’ve had their fun. I feel men who do this are genuinely cruel.

Many escorts have actually confirmed these situations. Unfortunately, we exist in a society where sex work is still stigmatized, and monogamy is rampant. I guess you can say dating is easy when the relationship is polygamous and open.