In any industry, there will be specific terms that are very much related to that particular industry. People in that industry will know about it. But there are very fewer possibilities that outsiders will know about it. It is the same when it comes to the escort industry. There are a lot of specific terms in the escort industry that only very few people know. We actually came to know about it through one of the famous Birmingham escort agency. In this article, we will see in detail about the terms in the escort industry.


It is nothing related to a cell phone signal or any tech stuff. The first G means get in, the second G means get off, and the third G means get out. Probably the entire thing refers to a quickie.


411 is an online term that means information, intelligence, and intel about the particular escort. If you are chatting with an escort and if you ask for a 411 she will provide the necessary details.


420 is important that came into the escort industry in recent days. If the profile mentions that an escort is 420 friendly, it means that she or he will smoke some weed. 420 friendly escorts are on high demand.


If you have thought something dirty, you were absolutely right. It refers to the mutual oral stimulation. There are very few people who will not know about this because most of you might have seen in porn sites that there is a separate category for this.

A dollar sign ($)

Dollar sign signifies the price of the escorts. If it $ the price that you need to pay is 100 dollars. If it is $$, you have to pay 200 dollars.

ABC or banana

ABC or banana means American born Chinese. Banana also means the same. It is because banana is yellow on the outside and white in the inside.


B&S means bait and switch. It means when the escort advertisement has a description or photo that does not even match the escort that is showing up to your place.


BB refers to bareback. It means the performance of any kind of sexual activity without wearing condoms.


This you will definitely not guess. It is the practice where the people of different sexual orientation marry each other to cover their homosexuality. To put it is simple words it the process of a gay and a lesbian marrying each other.

Cash and Dash

If any individual poses as an escort, come to your place and take the money and does not provide any service is called as cash and dash.


A man who gives money to girls and does not get any sexual service from them is referred to a chump.

Drag King

Drag King refers to a woman who dresses up like a man especially during her performances. Most of the drag queens are lesbians.


Dyke is a term that is used to refer lesbians by the LGBT community.